Meet the Product Owners

Christopher-Simpson thumb
Christopher Simpson
Phone: 800.325.7759
Reports, LS2 Staff
Hometown library: Tenley-Friendship Library, Washington, DC

Claire-Yoshida thumb
Claire Yoshida
Phone: 1.877.694.1452
CARL Authority Control and Database
Hometown library: Santa Clara County Library, CA

Dianne-Coan thumb
Dianne Coan

Phone: 800.325.7759
LS2 Kids, LS2 PAC
Hometown library: Reston Regional Library in Reston, VA and Ashburn Library, Loudoun County Public Library, VA

Ebony-Pacheco thumb
Ebony Pacheco

Phone: 1.877.694.1452
CARL ITSi/ITSi•X and Loaders
Hometown Library: Denver Public Library, CO

Heather-Brockerman thumb
Heather Powers
Phone: 800.325.7759
Cataloging and data products
Hometown Library: Corvallis-Benton County Public Library, Corvallis, OR

Juliette-Marsh thumb
Juliette Marsh
Phone: 800.325.7759
Library•Solution, Online Selection & Acquisitions, SIP, NCIP and SIF Agent
Hometown library: Samuels Public Library, Front Royal, VA

Kristen-Kokx thumb
Kristen Kokx

Phone: 1.877.694.1452
CARL•X Staff and Admin Client and CARL•X Circulation
Hometown library: Englewood Public Library, CO

Sam-Brenizer thumb
Samuel Brenizer
Phone: 800.325.7759
Program Manager for LS and LS2
Hometown library: Martinsburg-Berkeley County Public Library, Martinsburg, WV