Company History


TLC is founded by the family that still owns and operates the company today.

The 1980s

TLC is the:

  • First organization in the world to successfully apply CD-ROM technology to data storage.
  • Creator of the world’s first multi-media CD-ROM OPAC

The 1990s

Company advances include:

  • The creation of the LibrarySolution® and LibrarySolution for Schools® integrated library systems. (LibrarySolution earns TLC the accolade “number one company in new automation sales.”)
  • Cataloging that takes advantage of the features of Microsoft Windows® to streamline backroom

ls-logo      ls-schools-logo


TLC acquires CARL Corp., the developer of the CARLSolution® ILS that is used by some of the busiest libraries in the world. (CARLSolution is succeeded by CARLX, a next-generation ILS on a Unix® platform that is designed for large library systems.)


TLC becomes a majority shareholder in Tech Logic, the first company to create automated material-handling systems exclusively for libraries.



TLC introduces:

  • BiblioFile®, a generational upgrade to the company’s suite of cataloging tools.
  • Web Circ, browser-based automation for schools and libraries


TLC announces a new unified ILS platform called LS2 that includes Web, client, and mobile interfaces. TLC also releases the first module of the new system, LS2 PAC, which offers features similar to those found in the best Web 2.0 applications.



TLC launches LS2 Kids, powerful software with an intuitive, easy-to-use interface that helps children find exactly what they’re looking for within a library’s collection.



TLC expands its family of products to include:

  • LS2 Mobile, a smart-phone interface that allows people to connect with their libraries at any time, from any place with mobile or Wi-Fi Internet service.