About Us

Who We Are

One family established The Library Corporation in 1974 with one purpose: To serve libraries with advanced automation solutions. We stand out in today’s market of vendor takeovers because our founders still own and operate TLC.

When you partner with TLC, you’re assured of product continuity, ongoing development and support, and corporate stability. TLC is here today and tomorrow. We’re the company you can depend on.

Thousands of libraries throughout the world have chosen TLC. We offer integrated automation systems, along with add-on solutions you can use with any vendor’s automation system.

TLC’s solutions make your job easier and your customers’ use of your library successful. You can depend on it.

Unparalleled Service
TLC provides you with advanced technological solutions supported by an outstanding and unexpected level of service. Our customer service is unmatched in the automation industry.

Call TLC for information or assistance. A person – not a machine – will answer. You’ll get what you want without wandering through a voice-mail labyrinth. That’s service you can depend on.


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