Introducing CARL•Connect – TLC’s Latest Web-Based Interface for the Mobile Minded

TLC is pleased to announce CARL•Connect, TLC’s newest product line, featuring mobile, web-based staff clients developed to empower connection through desk-free interactions with library users, your community and your collections.  Last year, TLC embarked on development to reinvent its full suite of CARL products with CARL•Connect to offer web-scale interfaces for circulation, cataloging and reports, as well as planning for other staff interfaces, to further meet the changing needs of a modern library’s flexible and expansive service models.

CARL•Connect allows libraries to enhance their service offerings and engage users by supporting a BYOD (bring your own device) philosophy.  Whether your staff will be using a PC, tablet or smartphone, libraries will have the power to be inventive, providing new ways to serve their users through wireless, mobile and bluetooth technologies.

In August 2014, CARL•Connect Circulation, the first product to be released in this series, will be launched with TLC’s development partner, the Monroe County Library System in New York. This product is designed to provide a deeper customer service connection through real-time access to circulation features and includes the opportunity to:

  • Connect with your library users by working collaboratively with them in the stacks. Find the customer at their point-of-need, before they come looking for you!
  • Connect with your community by providing real-time, wireless patron lookup, library card registration and materials checkout, allowing promotion of your library and library services to a larger audience beyond the library walls.
  • Connect with your collections with transportable, seamless materials management tools. Complete your weeding and collection analysis activities where your books live, without having to bring them back to a desk.

CARL•Connect Circulation was developed using TLC’s longstanding tradition of partnering with their library customers to build upon the strengths of the mature CARL•X interface while updating the product to fit today’s mobile-minded expectations. “Across the world, libraries are embracing new trends in technology and the concept of flexible, creative spaces and services to meet the needs and desires of their library users,” says Lorrie Ann Butler, Director of Product Strategy for TLC’s CARL•X ILS.  “CARL•Connect Circulation will support and adapt to library efforts for providing relevant, useful and immediate outreach and reference services today and well into the future.” TLC’s CARL•Connect product line will continue to be developed toward a full featured replacement of the current Windows-based CARL•X Staff Clients, while leveraging existing, sophisticated database technologies and processes developed over the past 30 years.

Interested in learning more about TLC’s commitment to forward-thinking technologies through the CARL•Connect product line? Visit TLC at Booth 1043 for a demonstration of CARL•Connect Circulation during the 2014 ALA Annual Convention & Exhibition June 26th – July 1st at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Nevada.

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