CARL•X Selected as the Next Generation ILS by Metropolitan Library System

DENVER (March 11, 2014) – The Library Corporation (TLC) is pleased to announce the Metropolitan Library System (MLS) of Oklahoma City will be joining the CARL•X™ customer base. MLS selected CARL•X as their next Integrated Library System in December 2013. With this move, MLS will enjoy the flexible, adaptable and cutting edge CARL•X technologies and collaborations that are currently in use by some of the industry’s largest and forwarding thinking libraries in the United States and beyond.

MLS’s 19 libraries circulate over 6.5 million items annually to over 600,000 patrons. The library’s current automation system was developed in-house, and looking toward the future they knew they wanted an ILS vendor that not only meets their current needs, but one who will complete development with them for continued growth and long term success. With the use of our beautiful and user-friendly LS2 PAC online public catalog and the highly configurable and intuitive staff interfaces, MLS is confident that the CARL•X system and TLC relationship is the right choice. Anne Fischer, the Deputy Executive Director for Technology with MLS said, “Metropolitan Library System is very excited about our partnership with TLC. TLC and CARL•are a great choice for MLS, and we are looking forward to working together to integrate tools we already have in place and to provide new services for both customers and library staff. Their flexibility is exactly what we need as we embark on a move from our in-house developed system to a vendor developed ILS.”

The migration to CARL•X, which includes a full suite of web service APIs, will support several integration projects for continued use of MLS’s customized library systems. These, along with TLC’s commitment toward the development and use of industry standards such as NCIP, will promote new self services that will benefit the Oklahoma City community. In particular, MLS is looking forward to the Patron Purchase Recommendations feature available in the CARL•X product. This option will automate patron input from a desired web form into the ILS for staff management of customer purchase recommendations and interlibrary loan requests. The Patron Purchase Recommendations feature also interacts with our patron notification options to streamline communications with customers about their requested titles.

TLC and the Metropolitan Library System look forward to our upcoming partnership, and will work together to showcase the library’s collection as well as provide an unparalleled experience for both staff and the community. Paul Leppert, Managing Director of TLC Denver shared, “MLS was looking for a development partner to help make the transition from their custom-developed ILS to a more traditional vendor solution. We are very pleased MLS chose TLC as that partner. The CARL•X ILS will be able to provide them the flexibility they need now with adaptability over time to meet their future needs.”

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