RDAExpress™ Debuts at ALA Midwinter

PHILADELPHIA (Jan. 24, 2014) – eBiblioFile, a data services suite from TLC Labs, announces a new service to convert any library catalog to RDA quickly and easily called RDAExpress™.  RDA holds the promise for libraries to restructure its data to provide a better searching experience for users and ultimately link outside the library to be more competitive in today’s digital world. The problem for libraries is that the rewards of RDA will remain unattainable considering the time it takes to learn RDA and re-catalog entire collections.  RDAExpress™ is a new service that will accurately convert any library catalog’s records in about the same amount of time it would take to learn RDA in the first place.

“I think one of the biggest misconceptions about RDA is that its just few core MARC fields,” says Heather Powers, eBiblioFile Product Owner.  “Our service touches dozens of MARC fields for your entire collection.  It’s eye opening to see all this new data as well as possible links to outside data.  You really have to see these new records to understand how remarkable this service will be. This really fulfills on the promise of FRBR.”

Teri Frick, the Technical Services Librarian at Orange County Library, VA has been an early beta partner.  She commented on the service, “It’s a new way to think about cataloging.  Just imagine your library’s information showing up in Google results with the Wikipedia link or the IMDB link. RDA can be used with MARC, but it works and plays well with other metadata formats and will integrate with newer formats much easier. Our catalogs will no longer be in their individual silos…we will be relevant again!”

“Our service is going to unleash greater discoverability in library catalogs,” Heather summarized.  “Library records will have more and better relationships and descriptions. The catalog will be ready for FRBR.  And the best part is that RDAExpress does all the work to make this possible now.”

More information on RDAExpress™ is available at booth 949 at ALA and

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